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Florida homeowners insurance is perhaps more expensive than any other, due to the almost yearly hurricane damage that results in hurricane insurance claims and billions of dollars in damage.

Insurance quotes will vary widely depending on the city, the proximity to the ocean, flood plains, and construction of the condo. Rates of Homeowners insurance in Florida are fairly well controlled by the Florida Department of Insurance which is one of the best governing authorities of any state - South Carolina being one of the worst. Rate increases have to be approved for the most part by the Florida Insurance Commissioner, who may bargain to keep rates as low as possible by leveraging with auto and health insurance approvals or allowances.

South Florida homeowner's insurance may cost more in most areas due to the hurricane problems in the keys and the Miami area, and now "sink holes" are popping up everywhere. Rates in Florida are always high and tend to increase or decrease yearly or even quarterly depending on the hurricane and storm activity in the state, and in other parts of the country as well.

Below are some of the cities of interest to those seeking Florida homeowner's insurance carriers.

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