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You might think that just because you are renting you don't have to worry about condo insurance. But what about your apartment contents? What are the laws concerning your furniture, computers, and other items in case of fire, hurricane, or flood damage?

Not purchasing condo renters insurance can be a big mistake if you've spent money to furnish your apartment, or if you are like many folks and live from payday to payday with little put back for emergencies.

Many condo rental agreements will have several clauses in the contract excluding the property owner from being responsible to replace your personal items in case of fire or flood.  A washing machine, dishwasher, or even a toilet can flood and possibly ruin furniture or electronic items easily.  Electrical wiring and dryers can cause fires that no one ever expects.

Unless you have enough money put back to replace your day to day necessities, you need condo renters insurance or some type of homeowner's insurance.

Likewise, you will be the one responsible if the neighborhood child gets injured in your home...not the property owner.  Most people never even think of this, but it's not as unusual as you might think.  Someone could slip and fall in your condo, and with no insurance, you are at risk for a civil suit. What if your dog bites a neighbor? What insurance will cover that?

A good renters insurance policy will cover these things, and have extras such as lightning damage, smoke damage, and even theft of jewelry and other valuable items. Our personal preference is Allstate Insurance. If you looking for SC Renters Insurance or NC Renters Insurance, look up Scott Todd in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

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